It’s fresh artists like Edmond Huszar that reaffirm my love for EDM and drive me to work hard spreading it to the farthest reaches of this world (one day that little globe thingy will be covered in blue dots). Edmond aka OVERWERK is a 22 year young graphic designer turned producer/songwriter hailing from London, Canada. The name OVERWERK is taken from Edmond’s graphic design portfolio “over worked” which he adapted for the name of his musical identity and changed ‘work’ to ‘werk’ as a homage to electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk. Starting out with a drum-kit at the mere age of seven Edmond has been busy honing his skill to manifest a fresh mix of electro with hints of dubstep and house flair. After much hard work OVERWERK’s debut EP, The Nth º, was released on November 30th and it proceeded to defibrillate EDM’s heart. Oh yeah, he released the entire EP for free!

The Nth º EP | Buy (Name your price)

OVERWERK – The Nth º


OVERWERK – Odyssey

OVERWERK – Buzzin’

OVERWERK – Paradigm ft. Nick Nikon

OVERWERK – Contact

3 Responses to OVERWERK – The Nth º EP

  1. Tom says:

    no joke, this guys is amazing!! those huge chords in paradigm and buzzin are just ridiculous.

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  3. Valentina says:

    Sami and Team Rogo,Speaking of talented wokerrs, the mjgds talent show is tomorrow. Did Sami lick the salt too? You must have had a salty day. When you get back, we would like to know more about where exactly the mine was. How tall was the tallest salt sculpture?We miss you,Love,your third grade

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