[OnTheRadar] Water ~ Sluts EP

[OnTheRadar] Water ~ Sluts EP

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If Water sounds unfamiliar, its because he/she(or they) is(are). According to sources… well actually, there aren’t any. Little to nil is known about Water; represented merely by an enigmatic homepage and a soundcloud that is only 4 days young. Although Water’s lineage is questionable at best, the contrary can be said about the productions. At first glance, Sluts is a bootleg EP that–similar to trending styles–combines R&B/Pop vocals with ambient hip-hop beats. But upon further inspection, Water’s productions are much more methodical in mood and intensity than their brethren. The easily recognizable vocal samples are not the main attraction of the tracks. Rather, they are held upright by strings as the instruments play puppeteer. Analogies aside, this EP seems to be a showcase for Water’s production abilities and not so much geared towards tracks we’ll hold on to. Be sure to keep an ear out for Water, as I am sure his blinking light will draw closer on our radar.

✖ Download the free Sluts EP on his homepage

Water - (beautiful)

Water - Britney

Water - GaGa

Water - (diplo)

Water - MiMi

Water - RiRi

Water - An Orphic Cry

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