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New young talent coming from the U.K.?… What’s new right? Well, the 19 year old producer, Shift K3Y, is among the top of his class. The London native has just recently sprung onto our radar and is garnering support from a number of BBC Radio 1 DJs. Shift K3Y’s productions seems to stand out from the large batch of young U.K. talent because his tracks are a little bit more–and I say this in the best way possible–popish. The R&B style vocals and melancholy chords gives the harder Trapstyle beats he uses a more rounded edge. Shift K3Y recently released his first EP titled Frozen on Buygore. You can purchase the full Frozen EP on Beatport.

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Posted on March 5, 2013 in Bass, Pop, R&B, Uncategorized

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