Nexus feat. Chris Hurst – Pink Robots EP

Nexus feat. Chris Hurst – Pink Robots EP

Up and coming Florida based producer, Nexus is at it again with another release off of Temple Music Groups record label. Nexus has been carving out a niche in EDM that represents a unique variety of melodic dubstep and electro. His latest release, Pink Robots sets the mood for an epic sounding bass music track that utilizes a melodic build that drops into an energetic laser synth breakdown. The full release includes remixes by dubstep producers Bassex, Distantt, TYR and a trap remix by Big Maak with each adding their own flavor of bass to the original. Stream below and keep and eye out for more solid bass music coming from Nexus in the near future.

Nexus feat. Chris Hurst - Pink Robots EP


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