Native Instruments Leaks Out Kontrol Z2 2+2 Digital DJ Mixer

Native Instruments Leaks Out Kontrol Z2 2+2 Digital DJ Mixer

Native Instruments has been cleaning up in the digital dj space for awhile now. Gaining ground on the club favorites, Serato and Pioneer with their new, and bullet proof digital system, the Traktor Kontrol S4.

As an owner of an S4 myself, I can personally testify to the level of detail NI spent both inside the digital realm, and outside in the hardware engineering realm. For those looking to spin and mix a purely digital set now, the S4 offers a comprehensive suite of tools, effects, and digital favorites, all while combining with world class, durable hardware. Their follow up, the 2-deck, Traktor Kontrol S2, offered a more portable 2 deck version, allowing many more Dj’s including Porter Robinson, to take their rigs to all their booth sets, relegating some of those tried and true CD-J’s to nothing more than controller stands.

Their newest product seems to do the same for people seeking that hardware/software integration, but still wanting to spin with turntables or CD-J’s.

Details are still developing, but here is DJ Craze (five time DMC Champion), tweeting a picture of his new baby.

We will continue to update this thread when additional details, pricing, and press materials emerge, but it’s safe to say that the digital DJ space is heating up and becoming more affordable than ever.





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  1. Heath92
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    Here are some Hi-Res images of the Traktor Kontrol Z2

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