Mr.Y – thisisMrY EP [Free Download]


Mr.Y has music in his blood, and what he can do with it is a mysterious gift. Mysterious because it is so different that the casual viewer and listener cannot usually comprehend how or what is happening while Mr.Y makes music live. The gift was realized before he was born when his mother heard him in the womb humming his Do-Re-Me’s. At a young age he picked up the piano and received vocal lessons from his musically minded mother, skills that he eventually realized once modernity and technology took center stage in Mr.Y’s life. Obsession with music consumed him over the following years as he eventually began to realize his God given talent. Progressing in the realm that Mr.Y would call “Face Music”, he learned how to manipulate sounds coming from his mouth to make impeccably layered beats. It was at this point that Mr.Y realized that a marriage between his organic face music and technology had to happen, and the result has been a newly debuted live performance consisting of two analog synths, a guitar looper, a korg kaoss pad, a high-tech voice manipulator, his voice, and is played/made live with nothing pre-recorded.

Apart from his astounding live show, Mr.Y is also producing music, and he wants you all to have it for FREE! Consider the brand new thisisMrY EP a simple yet intellectually complex journey through the musical mind of Mr.Y. You may have already heard Violet Waves and Wandering Minds here on SL, but he’s included 2 more original tracks Scratch My Glitch and Tunnel Vision in this EP. Listen below and follow the provided links for the download!

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For Mr.Y fans, there is a HUGE announcement coming tomorrow regarding Mr.Y and where he will be playing next. Stay tuned for the announcement at 5pm PST.

Bonus Mr.Y Logik: Violet Waves performed LIVE, in case you didn’t know

Posted on August 1, 2012 in Bass, Electronic, Hip/Hop

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