MONSTA – Holdin’ On (Skrillex and Nero Remix)

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It is a bit nostalgic for me to see the name Skrillex or Nero in front of the word Remix these days. Almost like seeing the name Avicii between the parentheses a year ago. Not to say or comment anything negative about the former nor the latter, but Dubstep, so it seems, is on its (dare I say) home stretch. I can say with the same fond tone and memory, “I remember when I used to headbang to Skrillex and Nero” and “Damn the Avicii Essential Mix just blew my mind!” Granted heads still bang, people still make dubstep and Swedes still make house, dubstep seems to have lost its zeal –its overwhelming thirst for rage! Whether it was caused by the ever accelerating evolution of electronic music or a dispersion of dubstep artists to other sub-genres of edm, the fact remains that quality dubstep is showing up less frequently on my soundcloud.

That being said, Owsla Records houses a number of the last dubstep crusaders. The joint remix from Skrillex and Nero of MONSTA – Holdin’ On keeps the rock n’ roll spirit of dubstep alive. The collab combines the melody and vocal work of Nero with the brostep tendencies (remember that word?) of Skrillex. It, still, works for me.

MONSTA – Holdin’ On (Skrillex and Nero Remix)

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