Monitor 66 – Triscuits [Remixes]

Monitor 66 – Triscuits [Remixes]


You have better not forgotten about Monitor 66 and their breakout track “Triscuits”. Although it has been several months since it made its sly debut in Chris Jylkke‘s Disco Session mixtape, “Triscuits” has still yet to be officially released on House of Disco Records, keeping both Triscuit and Keith Sweat fans at bay until 9/24. Along with the original comes four stellar remixes from PBR Streetgang, Dead Rose Music Company, Robert Rodriguez, and Sixth Avenue Express Lounge. Unfortunately for those of us without record players, the majority of the tracks will be release (at least at first) on vinyl only. However, the Sixth Avenue Express Lounge remix is up for free download right meow! As there name ensues, the SAEL remix is tame and tasteful. Give everything a good listen and push the down arrow on the 6th remix.

Monitor 66 - Triscuits including remixes



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