Monitor 66 – Ambient Blackbird [Free Download]

The modern smooth jam is harder to come by than the banger, but fortunately enough for those of us that enjoy the tempo slow there are a handful of producers out their making some of the sweetest sounding slowed down tunes. One such producer is Monitor 66, who is quickly picking up worldwide exposure since his instant classic Triscuits which was debuted on both The Magician‘s Magic Tape along with our very own SL Mixtape Callisto. His style is pulled down slow-dance, and recently his new label home House of Disco Records released his track Ambient Blackbird for free, as well as including another track of his, Massena, on their compilation. Look out for much more of Monitor 66 in the future. Listen and grab the free download below!

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Monitor 66 – Ambient Blackbird

Bonus Logik:

Monitor 66 – Triscuits

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