Mix Of The Day: Moda Mix Series ft. Mia Dora

Mix Of The Day: Moda Mix Series ft. Mia Dora

Jaymo & Andy George have gained the reputation as some of the world’s premier electronic music tastemakers, with their radio show on BBC Radio1 as well as their record labels Moda and Moda Black, which have seen releases from some of the world’s hottest talent as well as up and coming sleepers. We recently covered Mia Dora‘s Occam EP released on Moda Black, and thought it a pleasant surprise when Mia Dora also took on Jaymo & Andy’s Moda Mix Series. The mix is filled with great house music, from deep house to 90’s revival house music.

Mia Dora on Facebook | Soundcloud
Jaymo & Andy George on Facebook | Soundcloud

Moda Mix Series 17 ft. Mia Dora

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