Mix Of The Day: An-Ten-Nae – Acid Crunk Meltdown

Mix Of The Day: An-Ten-Nae – Acid Crunk Meltdown

When thinking the trap movement and where it should head, one name sticks out as the man from who all others should take direction. The veteran An-Ten-Nae has been killing this music style for a while, albeit under his own genre classification – Acid Crunk. The melding of glitch, 808 and rapid drum patterns is a match made in heaven, sonic yin and yang if you will. So take a listen to An-Ten-Nae’s latest mixtape, Acid Crunk Meltdown, and be ready to get down.

The mixtape debuts 2 new tracks from Lowriderz, an An-Ten-Nae side project, as well as 2 tracks off of An-Ten-Nae’s forthcoming EP.

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An-Ten-Nae - Acid Crunk Meltdown

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