Malente + Others: Tarzan Boys EP

At first listen of Malente‘s newest EP release you’d think he hailed from Africa, but Malente gets his name from his small german hometown, which we’re sure he’s made very proud with his outstanding EDM production. His most recent project, the Tarzan Boys EP released on Southern Fried Records on Nov 2nd, is an experimental work of art. Malente collaborated with DJs from all over the world, including Reset! and Them Jeans, in producing this Tarzanian EP. The EP itself takes a fun, wild, and almost cartoon-y feel to electro house, resulting in a tweeky, adventurous final sound. We’ve got a couple tracks below, but you can buy the impressive full release here.

:: Malente and Reset! – Oh Eeeh Aah (Original Mix)

Super fun track, the crazy synth breakdown at 1:50 is sick, so are the autotuned tarzan yells.

:: Malente and Spieltrieb – Ja Ja Ja (Original Mix)

LOVE how this track starts out. Then you get background chimps and squawking birds leading up to the drop around 2:40 – crazy.

Bonus Malente Logik

:: Malente – I Like It (Original Mix)

That’s the way, uh-huh uh-huh, we like it, with just enough funk and extra bass.

:: Crystal Fighters – In The Summer (Malente Remix)

Crystal Fighters are a SoundLogik favorite, and we were way stoked when we came across this remix. Love the chopped up, echoing vocals and of course the elegant guitar from the original.


Posted on November 8, 2010 in Electro House

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