Majestic Monarchy Winter Mix

Majestic Monarchy Winter Mix


Cross a sparkling disco ball with those reverberating sound waves from arena house and you have elected to the throne a magnificent regent of the airwaves, Monarchy.   According to these gentlemen were the first group ever to perform live into space?  Their dreamy synth-work with pop overtones is a nice change from the usual rave-tastic and is quite accesible for people who enjoy all kinds of music.


Monarchy – Winter Mix 2010

Here’s a brand new single they just released this week.  While I’m of the mindset that today, right here and now, is the best possible place, Kylie makes a good argument that there is something “better than today”.

Kylie Minogue: Better Than Today (Monarchy Kylie Through The Wormhole Remix) by Monarchy

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