LowRIDERz – Ignition EP

LowRIDERz – Ignition EP

It’s common knowledge, or at least it should be, that An-Ten-Nae is perhaps the premier player in the 808 game. The acid-crunk pioneer has impressed us with virtually every release and mixtape he’s put out, and his tracks absolutely go when played out live. An-Ten-Nae’s side project LowRIDERz ain’t no typical side-project. On their own, the crew of An-Ten-Nae, DJ Laura Low, and Auberon make some slaying bass tracks and are perfectly capable of standing on their own even if An-Ten-Nae ceased to exist. LowRIDERz just released their Ignition EP, a perfect amalgamation of west coast bass, acid sounds, and trap that only these artists could mash together. The EP is available to download for free via the lowriderz facebook. Link below!

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LowRIDERz - Ignition EP [Full Stream]

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