LOUDPVCK: Re-Up Mixtape

LOUDPVCK: Re-Up Mixtape

Trap duo LOUDPVCK have stuck true to their hip hop roots in releasing their latest productions as the “Re-Up” mixtape. LOUDPVCK consists of Kenny Beats and Ryan Marks, who are from New York and Los Angeles respectively. The “Re-Up” features a collection of seven originals and remixes. Their rendition of Adventure Club’s “Retro City” is every trap junkies perfect hit. Expect sick chops and screws and that signature trap bass throughout the mixtape. Definitely a winner. Check them out on SoundCloud if you are a fan.

Download the Re-Up Mixtape HERE

Adventure Club - Retro City (LOUDPVCK Remix)

LOUDPVCK - CHIRP (x Jimmy Burns)


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