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Our Label Spotlight Series was created to shed light on labels that we believe are making waves in the music scene. For this installment of the label spotlight series we will be checking out Montreal based  label (by way of Los Angeles) Amadeus.

The Amadeus concept started as a weekly social based gathering in downtown Montreal. The events, ran by (Founder / forrest.) Zach Montpetit and (Amadeus art director / Co-founder) Alex Beauchesne offered the Montreal city life a different take to the mainstream electronic music that was being played. Every week Zach & Alex would spin under the name Amadeus Boys. Zach’s departure to London to work with his project Prince Club brought forth talks of solo projects and that of friends projects. The need for a platform to push this new vision of house music was seen as the most logical decision. With the help of (Amadeus A&R / Urulu) Taylor Freels this vison was helped  to be brought to fruition.

The vision of a Label focused on the promotion of a new era in house music had begun. Through this new platform Amadeus could bring a level of sophistication and intrinsic artistic value back to a genre that had become so washed out in monotony and predictability. From its inception Amadeus has prided itself in it’s visionary unconventional mindset. These artists are set on a mission to promote a sound that goes beyond something you could chew and spit out instantaneously. The Amadeus sound possess backbone and character, the music goes deeper then the traditional party aspect of 4×4 house beats, the music has a more conceptual and distinctive quality making it, (in our eyes) one of the most forward thinking electronic music labels around today.

Currently the Amadeus lineup includes the likes of  Steve Huerta, Chaos In The CBD, Forrest, Tomas Rubeck, and Savile, with more set to be added to the family in the ensuing year. The label has some great EP’s lined up for us in the forthcoming months from Marcus Miles, Cecyl, as well as Urulu.

Amadeus’ forthcoming EP titled Can’t Let Go features two stellar tracks by label members Prince Club and Steve Huerta. The title track Can’t Let Go stays true to the Amadeus vision with its beautiful atmospheric blend of bass alongside its tantalizing and alluring vocals. The song strikes an emotional chord where most other house tracks seem to fall short. The second track off the EP 4 me is no exception to this either. 4 Me, is characterized by its heavy kicks and simplistic percussion which plays in perfectly with its intriguing arpeggios. The EP is slated to release sometime in the upcoming months and is featured below as a preview.

The future holds great promise for Amadeus records and all those affiliated. Look for them to make some major moves in the upcoming year and make sure to stay tuned into soundlogik for any news on future releases.


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Posted on October 16, 2012 in Audio, Deep House, House

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