Karma Kid | Lust, Love

Karma Kid | Lust, Love

You may recognize the name Karma Kid from a post we did a few months back. Since then the young producer has really taken off as well as turned 18. His most recent release “Lust, Love” has been garnering him a lot of attention recently. The track has a deeply soothing and aquatic vibe about it scattered with many aquatic sound samples alongside a deep thumping garage beat. The sexy echoing vocals help to top off the entire track making it near flawless from start to finish. We see big things for Karma Kid in the near future and dare to even say that he maybe one of the break out artists of this upcoming year. Be sure to keep an eye out for him as he continues to produce his masterful tracks and follow him given the links provided below.

Faceook || Soundcloud

Karma Kid - Lust, Love

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  1. Sean
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    go karmakid!

    a friend sent me Everyone Electronic… I love it! can you review it on your blog?


  2. Auth
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