Justin Jay – The Dip (Original + Prince Club Remix)

Justin Jay – The Dip (Original + Prince Club Remix)

The youngest member of the Dirtybird crew at a mere 19 years old, Justin Jay, is definitely one to keep your eyes and ears on. The dude has impeccable taste and style in a mature music sector for such a young one, and has impressed us with nearly every release we’ve heard from him. Mr. Von Stroke was smart to pick him up so quickly, and Justin has since gained the support from some big names with his tracks, including Pete Tong supporting his latest release on the Dirtybird BBQ Trax EP, Femme Fatale, as well as Pleasurekraft and Kill Frenzy supporting his latest work The Dip, which is an exclusive release through a subscription to Dirtybird’s Drip.FM. Note that these tracks will be available as free downloads in a couple of weeks.

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Justin Jay - The Dip

Justin Jay - The Dip (Prince Club Remix)

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