John Tejada – The Function And The Form


Experience speaks loudly when talking about John Tejada, the multitalented DJ/Producer/Label owner originally from Vienna. Mr. Tejada started his musical journey young when his fascination with DJing kicked in at the age of 15 and his fixation with production followed shortly after. Since those young years John has worked tirelessly at the techno craft, expanding his sound across genre lines. What does stay in tact within all his productions is his meticulousness and attention to detail, able to find grandness in every detail. From alien soundscapes to techno journeys, John Tejada can make it all, and he’s set to showcase his production prowess once again on his new album due out on September 10th of this year titled The Predicting Machine via Kompact Recordings. The Function And The Form is the first taste off the upcoming album, stream and enjoy below!

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Posted on July 12, 2012 in Electronic, Minimalism, Techno

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