Jimmy Edgar | Let Yrself Be (Official Video)

The futuristic funk mastermind Jimmy Edgar, has just released his music video for his latest single ‘Let Yrslf Be‘. The video is a subliminal overload of images, messages and symbols that keep your eyes fixated to the screen, all hand selected and placed strategically by Mr. Edgar himself. The song ‘Let Yrslf Be’ has a classic Detroit sound to it bringing you back to an era highlighted by those overwhelming synth sounds. Edgar’s use of synth stabs and fast claps keep your ears busy focusing on the multitude of noises being processed by your brain. For more information and techno funk by Jimmy Edgar visit his Facebook and Soundcloud pages.

 Facebook ||Soundcloud


Posted on June 29, 2012 in Funk, Music, Techno

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  1. Eva
    August 23, 2012 at 2:17 am · Reply

    Surprisingly simple and good bneegnir dancing tutorial. Dancers are good looking too. Of the 5 videos I saw, you can take any of these to almost any type of music. Just match the beat. I’m mostly into rock, metal, techno, and factory, but I’ve had to attempt to dance to R B and pop. Works well so far, though a lot of dancing is about moving your hips.

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