Jantsen – Part 1 EP

Jantsen – Part 1 EP

A native of Boulder, CO, my current city of residence, Jantsen Robertson has been consistently dominating the area’s scene. He’s seen support and exclusive plays from the likes of Rusko, Datsik and Excision, the latter signing him and releasing Part 1 on Rottun Records. The three tracks comprising the EP show how far Robertson has come and what direction he can push the genre. In almost a throwback to the killer Circus Records sound that made the genre explode initially, Jantsen weaves high synths and video game bells into Krush Groovin, and turns jungle for the middle of Shake That. These originals have immense staying power, with both being played by Rusko before Justice played Red Rocks Amphitheater while absolutely flooring the crowd. Stay on the lookout for this man on a mission, Jantsen is a true music lover and his future work will be just as logikal.

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