Introducing: Switch Fusion

Introducing: Switch Fusion

Drum and Bass. One of the only electronic music genres that has been able to keep its street cred and escape the grips of mainstream culture. It’s a phenomenon really, considering that Drum and Bass is still growing, and it’s artists like the youngster from North Wales who goes by the alias of Switch Fusion that affirms our faith that the genre will continue to stick around. After starting his ascent into the realm of electronic music at the mere age of 16, the now 19 year old Switch Fusion continues to build an already solid reputation in Europe, having already been featured on BBC Radio1 and the UK’s largest drum and bass radio station. His latest track titled Anchor really captured the imagination of our ears with it’s incredible melody and progression, not to mention an impeccable Diana Ross sample. This absolute peak hour DnB dancefloor annihilator is also available for free! Make sure to listen below and support Switch Fusion at the provided links.

Support Switch Fusion on Facebook | SoundCloud

Switch Fusion - Anchor

Bonus Switch Fusion:

Switch Fusion - Oceans

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  1. Revista Clover

    “Not just a good musician, but a great developer of D&B” pretty cool music.


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