Introducing Rodway: Grime Lab EP

Keeping up with our goal of supporting talented up and coming artists, I’d like to introduce you to a dubstep producer spinning magic out in Denver, Rodway.  I found these tracks in our mailbox and as always gave them a listen.  You’ll hear for yourself his unique style that fuses that broken beat we all love, with tingling elements usually reserved for other genres.  Sometimes too much dubstep can make me want cry in a corner listening to Telepopmusik ‘Just Breathe’, however these dubly tracks have an innate musical quality that is smooth, and easy to listen to while retaining the dirt dubstep is famous for.  Not an easy feat.  I’m sure you’ll be shocked to hear this gentleman is only 18.  Seriously excited to see how his style progresses in the future.  Keep on keeping on.

Super like the piano overlays throughout the track that can’t be missed in that fun little jazzy intro.

Rodway – High Life [logikal choice]

Rodway – Creature Crawl

Dance!!! has this nice 80s fusion vibe going with some really well produced transitions in and out of wobbleland.  The synth leads in this track are incredibly complex expertly keyed together like puzzle pieces.

Rodway – Dance!!!


Here’s a mixtape he put together hosting tracks from the EP as well as a few others.  Also to be posted in the Sound Lounge.

Rodway – January Monthly Mix


Posted on January 27, 2011 in Dubstep, Music

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