Introducing: Lemaitre

Introducing: Lemaitre

We received this tip in an email (shout out Pete) who described these guys as, “a coldplay tribute act who got lost in a disco on their way to a gig,” and of course I had to give them a listen.  While I wouldn’t deflate their obvious talent by calling them a ‘tribute’ anything, particularly not to Coldplay, the vocals do have a touch of that ethereal essence.  Originally from Norway Ketil and Ulrik combined their early influences in indie/rock and electronic music into a dazzling experimental creation.  After only one listen to their album, I knew they would be a mainstay on my key playlists.  Their sound is experimental, but not in the ‘this isn’t music’ kind of way, and most importantly intelligent.  They take traditional effects like panning, gain, classic wahs and samples and use them in incredibly creative ways.  Too soon to say flavor of the month?

Nishio has this really great upbeat feel, which has a fun little Daft-esque talkbox lead that comes in with about 2 min left.  The playful high-pitched vocals remind me a bit of Passion Pit.

Lemaitre – Nishio [+ + logikal choice]

Lemaitre – Strobes Pt. 2

Unclouded Judgement is the one that sounds a bit like Coldplay.  Check the vocals.

Lemaitre – Unclouded Judgement

1:18.  Beautiful.  Playful.  Grassy fields.  Butterfly nets.  High School love.

Lemaitre – 1:18 [beautfiul]


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  1. LO&G
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    been listening to these dudes for a minute now. another good one

    Lemâitre – The Friendly Sound

  2. nick
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    woah never heard of them. sick though. i like their styleee

  3. Kelsey
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    love the contrast in every song!!! so refreshing!!!!!

  4. Tako :3
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    They are amazing <3 inspirational in my writing please keep up the good work guys <3 amazing!!!!!

  5. c’est moi

    I remember one of my friends showing me their music, I still think lemaitre is amazing.I’m really glad they’ve got their stuff availible on iTunes.

  6. Andrés

    So glad I found these guys, the creativity of their music is awesome and original. Love ‘The Friendly Sound EP, especially Strobes pt.2. Their album Relativity 2 comes out tomorrow, can’t wait!


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