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Kill Paris brings fresh meaning to a live DJ and Producer. Utilizing the capabilities of Ableton Live and sculpting his own custom controllers, Kill Paris plays and mashes up bass, guitar, synth, audio samples, and drum loops all while mixing in and out of songs – a live show that has been described as something never seen or experienced before. He’s released tracks on 3 different labels (Mode-2, Samoa Good, and Masv), Kill Paris has already had numerous releases on Beatport and other top Digital download fronts. He considers his passions to be Electro-House, Dubstep, and Guitar/bass Funk, and we also think he’s quite active in the Moombahton and Glitch-Hop space as well. He also has a huge following on YouTube where he constantly gives back to the community and teaches anyone with an internet connection.

Kill Paris has managed to infuse dance music with classic rock, jazz, and punk instruments, while still maintaining the groove and dance-ability of his tunes. Let its essence of funkiness wash over you.

Kill Paris – I Wanna Be Your Lover

Kill Paris – I Do Love You

Kill Paris – Do You Need Someone (VIP Remix)

Kill Paris – Keep Your Secrets In Midnight City (M83 Mashup)

Kill Paris – Shades Of Funk

Kill Paris – I’m Free

Posted on June 12, 2012 in Glitch

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