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The amazing thing about modern day electronic music is that social media allows for so much new and exciting material to be discovered on a daily basis. Found in this case through Twitter, Cleindl is an up and coming (20 year old) producer based out of Tokyo, Japan who is poised to make a significant  splash in the downtempo scene. Sampling classic RnB, hip hop, and indie vocals, Cleindl builds his tracks up with layered rhythm and deep synths to create an ethereal vibe. In particular, Cleindl‘s rendition of “Landfill” by Daughter has a strong resemblance to the soulful and bass-heavy sound of Symbols Recordings founder Kastle. A promising sign of things to come for sure and one of many reasons to keep an ear open for this rising talent.

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Below you can find three favourites of mine off Cleindl‘s Soundcloud but be sure to browse for yourself and download all of his releases free of charge.

[fap_track id=”40601″ layout=”list” enqueue=”no”]

[fap_track id=”40606″ layout=”list” enqueue=”no”]

[fap_track id=”40608″ layout=”list” enqueue=”no”]

Posted on November 26, 2012 in Ambient, Downtempo, R&B

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