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Dear Soundlogik fans and fellow dubstep lovers, we introduce you to Clark Kent. California native and current Santa Barbara resident, Clark is saving the world one drop at a time. His fusion of melody with deep, pulsating bass in his Adele remix bares resemblance to another world favorite right now, Seven Lions, which probably isn’t a coincidence considering they both hail from the same city. Check him out, and like him on Facebook. He’s always posting free music on there. Also, he has a tour currently in the works so keep an eye out for that.

Here is his new remix of Adele’s “Skyfall,” currently number 3 on Hype Machine!

[fap_track id=”38950″ layout=”list” enqueue=”no”]

Here are a couple other tracks he has released recently:

[fap_track id=”38951″ layout=”list” enqueue=”no”]

[fap_track id=”38952″ layout=”list” enqueue=”no”]

Posted on October 27, 2012 in Bass, Dubstep

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