Hypha – Whispers EP

Hypha – Whispers EP

Hypha is one of the most exciting bass music producers in the world, exhibiting supreme knowledge of all bass varieties in his productions. Since starting his production adventure in 2008, Hypha has been honing his skills and keeping up with bass trends which has all accumulated into a stellar new release on Muti Music. His Whispers EP is a stunning selection of tracks, fusing West Coast bass with the experimental vibes coming out of Europe that results in a unique blend of futuristic sound sure to please both the casual and analytical listener. The EP features passionate vocals by Hypha, dissonant synth leads that really toy with tension, and lightly hyped up stabs, while resting in a very low low-end. This producer, musician and vocalist is surely distancing himself from the norm and creating a brand that embodies some of the most unique sounds in all of the future bass revolution. Support Hypha at the links below, and be sure to preview the amazing EP!

Hypha on Facebook | Soundcloud

Hypha - Whispers EP [Full Stream]

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