Gr4m4tik – Expedition 44

Gr4m4tik – Expedition 44

Gramatik, usually known for his glitch hop style and his association with Pretty Lights Music label, has just given out this old school Gr4m4tik release for free. It gives us a taste of the four on the floor, techy side of Gramatik which we are not used to hearing from today’s glitch hop producers. Although this isn’t the direction that Gramatik is currently heading in, “Expedition 44” is filled with some very good tech-house/disco-esque tracks that we were pleasantly surprised with. Take a look at what Gramatik had to say about the release:

A couple of years back there was a period when I used to experiment a lot with the 4/4 genres like Tech-House, Techno, Electro House and most of their cousins. I stumbled upon the folder the other day and I decided to pack it up, name it ”Expedition 44” and put it on my site for free. Looking at it from an artistic/creative point of view, these tracks are not really where my mind is right now, but at the time I was making them it felt pretty good and refreshing to try something new. So, for all you 4/4 heads out there, who knows…you just might find something you like. I’m dropping it under Gr4m4tik to make it clear it’s just an old side project of mine that I wanted you to have in case you enjoy some clubby 4/4 shit as well.

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Gr4m4tik - Expedition 44


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