Gladkill – Perception [Review]


Headtron’s Gladkill has just dropped his Perception EP and its a stunner, with every track offering the best of his unique melodic, arp-jacked whompness. Fresh trap influences confidently fill in open spaces, and layers of interplanetary signals blast through just-right solar pulses of bass. Gladkill is a talent in his prime, and its not going unnoticed – he’s touring alongside Bassnectar this Fall.

The Perception EP comes with a 4-track free version of killer edits. A 6-track version which includes 2 original tracks is also available for a $3 minimum donation. Both links below, as well as a track-by-track review!

Download Perception EP

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Track by track Review:
Breathe (The Dream-Wake Me When It’s Over refix)” is a study in Gladkill’s structure and style. Ambient bubbles of tropic fuzz evolve into cutting synths while the trap skitters skattle. You find yourself on a ring of Saturn in no time. Its all floating four feet off the ground.


Waiting For You (Mariah Carey vocal refix)” starts with a breathless classic build, turns into a plodding squishfest of a beat, and then morphs into full laser tag. The contrasts are just right – Mariah’s voice is the epitome of ethereal, and Boris knows serious crunch will set this off. The stage is set for a beautiful bass space opera, Gladkill style.


What It Do (Young Buck, T.I., Pimp C-4 Kings refix)” is rather straightforward Gladkill style sauce that accents the skills behind the mic just right.


Next up is his remix of Drake’s “Good Ones Go.” Gladkill seems at home in this place of reflective R&B. He is a master of taking the emotion of a vocal and a melody for a bass ride. Letting the emotions of the song do their work, the bass waves evolve subtly along with the story.


And so lets move on to the full original works included in the Bonus Version. “Back Where We Started” is a full on showcase of the careful build of arps and melodies that make up Gladkill’s sonic world. Here he is showing all the cards. Its a fully designed journey. This is a friendly beast who wants to show you the galaxy. Jump on his back and take the trip!


Now we come to the highlight of the EP. “Found You” feels like the next step from the mindblower “Insomnia” from the first Headtron compilation. This is more aggressive, this is a hard forward throttle on the spaceship, this is the future of Gladkill. Listen as the melodies multiply, overlap, intensify, and drop you off into entirely new colored spaces. Gladkill’s work has always been careful but confident, ethereal but cutting, comfortable but curious. Do yourself a favor and enjoy a master of contrast and style as he takes you on a bass journey.



Posted on September 22, 2012 in Ambient, Bass, Free Downloads, Glitch

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  2. Kaminanda
    September 24, 2012 at 6:08 pm · Reply

    Nice stuff! Especially like “Found You”

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