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How can you tell when a release from a new artist will be worthwhile, given the large amount of sub-standard music we are forced to weed through in today’s scene? Well, if you see the word “Cool” in the name that might be a good indication to something you’ll want to check out, and in this case “Thee Cool Cats” have proven our point. Only on the scene for two months, and they have already began to create a stir from coast to coast, and have received prominent recognition from label owners and many others in the industry. Soundlogik gets a first look into this new phenomenon, and we interview some of the coolest cats in house music, Tony Edit and Gerry Gonza. Along with the interview, they have gifted the readers of Soundlogik with an exclusive, unreleased track, available for free download here. And as part of the always stellar lineup of “Logikasts,” we will be adding an exclusive mix from Thee Cool Cats in the near future!


SoundLogik: Let’s start out with the basics, give us a proper introduction from yourselves.

Tony Edit: I’m Tony Edit, and I’ve been involved in the scene since around 2007. I was in another duo called the “Disco Villains,” along with my boy Louie Fresco. We were pretty big for a while during the electro days. We did stuff with Justice, The Bloody Beetroots, and all the Dim Mak crew. We remixed Justice and they played our remix during their BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, and it took off after that.

Gerry Gonza: And I’m Gerry Gonza, I started back around ’08, I’ve done tons of genres, anywhere from Dubstep, Electro, Progressive, Tech-House, the latest project of mine was called “Take Off”. I always had some sort of project going, but it never really went anywhere.

SL: So how did music end up being a part of your lives and what brought you to the point of deciding you wanted to produce dance music?

T: Well music has always been a big part of my life, ever since I was a little my dad would make me listen to all kinds of different music, starting with The Beatles, to disco, and then making me listen to Banda El Recodo, which is a type of regional Mexican music. My dad made sure I had diverse taste and knew everything. So music has always been a huge part of my life and that ultimately lead to me always putting on tunes at parties and such, which then lead to me DJ’ing.

G: I was in concert and marching band for most of my life, and it was through that I got all my first experiences in playing music, using DAW’s, showmanship and playing in front of crowds. At first I was planning on teaching music but one day my brother played Justice for me and after that day I started listening to them and tried making the music, then got more into electronic and since then I’ve been producing and DJ’ing.

SL: It’s good knowing that we still have some proper musicians around with a real diverse taste in music! So how did Thee Cool Cats end up meeting and eventually producing together?

T: Well me and Gerry met at one of our Disco Villain shows and we just sort of clicked. We have both been around all types of music, and DJ’ed for a while. We have gotten together with our mutual love of good music, especially hip-hop and R’n’B, and collaborated to come up with this new sound and project that we plan to keep really diverse and appealing to any and all kinds of music fans.

G: And this whole thing is really just us having fun and doing what feels and sounds right to us.

SL: And it shows! So whats your guys’ studio setup like?

G: Literally a laptop, two monitors and a sub, and thats basically it, we do everything from the computer.

T:  Yup it’s true, we go to a homies house sometimes with a proper studio, he has a mic and some keyboards.

G: That’s where we do mixdowns and all that stuff, but the bulk is done on just computer.

T: It doesn’t matter where you make it…

G: We’ve made tracks at coffee shops, and I mean full on, you just have to have the right mindset. I saw in an interview once that if you find a way to work with less you should to stick to it, because as you use more you’ll feel you that you need that every time you work. And since we plan on always producing as much as we are now, were trying to be very minimalistic.

SL: So given this bare bones approach you guys take, there’s not much analogue gear being used in your tracks I would presume?

G: There’s been two or three, but yeah it’s mostly plug-ins. We even use pretty typical plug-ins too.

T: Yeah man, Sylenth1 with saw.

SL: Nice! So how does this stripped back approach to production translate to your guys’ relationship and workflow when working together on a song?

T: Well me and Gerry just both have the same good vibe party feel, we just click.

G: We read each other’s minds sometimes even, and finish each other’s sentences.

G: When we begin a track we always try to have the least in mind as possible. No specific ideas or anything. Sometimes we do have ideas for tracks but it’ll be just small ideas or maybe a bassline or some vocal idea. We go with the flow and just vibe off of each other, if one of us has an idea we lay it down. I mean in our eyes, starting a track with a specific idea is like deciding your career before your born, you know?

SL: Yeah definitely! So individually, who does what while working on a track?

G: Tony has the knack for the vocals, he just knows what sounds cool, and he finds vocals from random places!

T: And Gerry is a beast with the bass lines and drums!

SL: The chemistry between you two definitely shows in your tracks! What are some of your forms of inspiration you look for in coming up with ideas?

T: We get inspiration from the most random things, like we just started a track inspired by a song we heard at a club during the BPM Festival. A lot of our inspiration actually comes from the simple thought process of what will the ladies like and what will make them dance. I always felt as a DJ if you can make the girls dance then you did your job.

G: Exactly! If you pull the women the men will come.

SL:  Well this mind set is clearly working for you! Your releases are hardly two months old and you’ve already received play on BBC Radio 1.

G: Yeah that was crazy man, I was at work and got Tony’s text about it. But that’s the whole Cool Cats thing I believe, because I think we came out of nowhere. We literally spent 6 months making music before we sent out any demo’s, we have like 50 tracks now.

SL: Keep it up dudes, we are all waiting for more of your releases! You are from the Mexicali area just past the Mexican-American boarder, whats the scene like there for dance music?

T: Well Mexicali is probably the hottest underground house scene in Mexico right now, my boy Louie Fresco that’s from here has a label called “MEXA” that does some major damage, also “Climbers” hometown is Mexicali and they own a label. But here the party doesn’t stop, it’s night and day, I’ve played straight nine hour sets at after parties.

G: Yeah the whole electronic scene in Mexicali is actually Deep house/ Nu-disco.

T: It’s weird how big the scene is, they had Miguel Campbell here like 2 weeks ago and 3,000 people showed up, he’d never played in front of that many!

SL: Party! This definitely sounds like the place to be for any house music fan. It was great getting to chat with you guys and get an insight on this fresh production known as “Thee Cool Cats”. Do You guy’s have any shout out’s you want to make?

T: It’s awesome you found us, really appreciate it mate! I’d like to thank “Climbers”, they took us under their wing and gave us our first shot, and a big shout out to Andrew over at Nurvous Records! Also our boy Alberto Ortega!

G: Yeah we appreciate it man! As Tony said, our friends “Climbers” and their label “Faceless” from Mexicali have done so much for us, and were really thankful for that, and Amine Edge, he owns the label “CUFF,” we couldnt believe he picked up our tracks.


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The free download available only through Soundlogik can be found here!

Be sure to give Thee Cool Cats all the love they deserve on their socials, and don’t forget to check out their new EP released on “Nurvous Records”, available here

Thee Cool Cats on: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Mixcloud

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