French Express Freebies: Claes Rosen | Malinchak | Moon Boots | Rogue Vogue


We’ve said virtually all that can be said about one of our favorite record labels, French Express. The way they approach music is refreshing, the way they market themselves is unique, and the way they treat their fans is generous. Countless free tracks, all of the highest quality, all with a unique sound that is lacking in today’s EDM world. Over the last week and a half they’ve released Isaach Tichauer‘s debut album for free, along with these 4 original tracks by the likes of Malinchak, Moon Boots, Rogue Vogue, and newcomer Claes Rosen. Give your ears a treat and listen/download all of these tracks, or else the God’s of tropical house may have some beef to pick with you in the future.

[fap_track id=”37043″ layout=”list” enqueue=”no”]

[fap_track id=”37044″ layout=”list” enqueue=”no”]

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Posted on July 31, 2012 in Dance, House, Nu-Disco, Tropical

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