Frank Ocean – Pyramids (Kastle Remix) [Free Download]

Frank Ocean – Pyramids (Kastle Remix) [Free Download]

Kastle‘s bio is simple yet embodies everything he’s about. It simply states, “Forward thinking music”, and based on listening to his productions over time it hits right on the spot. You never know what the next Kastle track is gonna sound like, and that element of the unknown keeps us coming back for more. In his latest masterpiece he takes on the breakout RnB artist Frank Ocean‘s Pyramids, and creates an pulled down slow jam. Combining the experimental nature of post-dub and the drums and snares of the new trap movement result in the remix being a really, really unique piece of music, and well worth the price of zero dollars. Yup! He’s given out the track for free, so make sure to thank him by supporting him on his networks.

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Frank Ocean - Pyramids (Kastle Remix)

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