Four Tet

Four Tet – BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix (January 2010)

London born Kieren Hebden, aka Four Tet, produced an inspiring 2-hour essential mix for BBC Radio 1 back in January, almost a year ago, and has managed to jam the radar for a while now.  BBC is taking a look back at their favorite Essential Mixes from the year, and up there in the running with Magnetic Man and Swedish House Mafia is this one here.

Hebden also performed with rock band Fridge, and his worthy musical background provides a solid foundation for his experimental electronic sounds.  You’ll be pleased to hear a much different mix than normal, taking classic pop sounds and giving them an pink-floyd-esque soundscape twist.  This is definitely one to add to the collection, and might even surprise you here and there.


I really like the native american tribal ceremony that cruises in around 12:20.  Hollow drums, a maraca of sorts and a glassy synthesizer that hollows out and expands a classic wooden pipe sounding lead.  Just listening cleanses my soul, or maybe that’s the peyote… (bonus points if you know what the psychoactive substance in peyote is, or the only other physical plant that is illegal to grow according to the US Controlled Substances Act.  Who says we shouldn’t learn something everyday.  Educate yourself!  I have seeded a forest in myself, little books from tall trees.)


This Just In UPDATE!: Video posted today as a tribute to Four Tet‘s  fellow musician Steve Reid who passed away this year.  It’s long, but gives a good perspective of the type of people both men are, and how good music grows.  Check what he said about Steve on his website, I’m not sure why but this touched me.


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