Forrest. – Casablanca (Original Mix) (Forthcoming on MEXA)

Forrest. – Casablanca (Original Mix) (Forthcoming on MEXA)

The latest addition to Mexa Records is Montreal native Forrest. This talented producer is poised to make some huge moves in the upcoming year with releases off of Mexa and his own label Amadeus. For those unfamiliar with Forrest’s work, he creates a style of house music that is atypical to that of most house producers. His songs have more depth and possess a more conceptual take on the genre then most other artists. His upcoming EP titled “Bad Girls Go To Heaven” will be Mexa’s 5th release and is expected to turn some heads. The track we have featured below ‘Casablanca‘ will be featured on this forthcoming release. Casablanca is accentuated by Forrest’s own soft, haunting vocal’s playing in perfectly with the songs deep bass lines helping to make that distinct Mexa sound. We’re not 100% sure on when this EP is slated to drop but dont worry we will make sure to let you know when it does. Remember to keep an eye on Forrest in the upcoming months and dont forget to show your support via the provided links below.

Forrest. - Casablanca (Original Mix)

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