Far Too Loud – Firestorm EP

Far Too Loud – Firestorm EP

Current electro-house has a rage factor far exceeding any other genre, but very few producers can produce it to the quality that we see fit to appear on the pages of SL. Of course there’s Knife Party, Porter Robinson, Wolfgang Gartner and less than a handful of others, but one such artist has gone under the radar for far too many years. That one such producer is Far Too Loud, and we think after the newly released Firestorm EP, Far Too Loud is here to stay, especially with the love affair many of us have with complex, pounding beats.

This EP is absolutely hot, with three tracks all at different tempos ranging between 110 and 128 bpm. The title track Firestorm takes a Centipede-like approach, with an old school infochannel intro followed by a storm of synths, kicks and everything in between. With support from Sub Focus, Diplo, Electrixx, Bare Noize, and many more, look for this EP to gain traction in the heaviest of sets. Preview the first two tracks off the EP below.

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Far Too Loud - Firestorm

Far Too Loud - Lightbringer

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