Fabio Giannelli – Let The Spirit Sing EP


There is a strong buzz forming around one of the latest releases off of Get Physical Records. The EP engineered by Italian born deep/tech house producer Fabio Giannelli is gaining praise from all over the Deep and Tech house communities. Fabio is no stranger to Get Physical, being featured on their ‘Full Body Work Out Vol.9′ with his track ‘Mercury Star’. His latest EP titled ‘Let The Spirit Sing’ contains three original tracks all with a deep and haunting vibe about them. The title track ‘Let Your Spirit Sing‘ stays true to the haunting sensation through Fabio’s use of deep and ominous vocals, coupled along side a driving tech beat and swaying background synth makes for a chilling yet appealing sound. Another noteable track on the EP would have to be ‘Maintain‘. Currently sitting number 7 in the Beatport deep house charts, this track (to us) is the the standout track of the EP. The track is once again is stylized by a deep and ominous vocal sample, yet this track comes with a deeper and heavier vibe. The deepness of the track is accented with some great bongo drums that are able to pull the whole track together. The EP is currently available on Beatport so go grab it! Also be sure to support Fabio Giannelli on facebook to stay updated by following the link provided below.


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Posted on July 27, 2012 in Deep House, House, Music, Tech House

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