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Apologies to all.  To my brethren here that work tirelessly to open pandora’s box of sound, gratitude.  To the magical team working with the magical duo notic nastic, I sincerely apologize.  Describing the faux pas – I have selfishly hoarded words from notic nastic’s singer for too long.  It is time to rectify by sharing.


Released 2 days ago. (Check in at 1:40 on…)


Entering into this interview, expectations oscillated.  notic nastic is a remarkably secretive group.  Would I crack into this protective vault to get the answers I needed?  Would they be what I wanted to hear?  What was I even looking for?

“Hypnotic and fantastic with a twist.”

A few pops, clicks and crackles of electricity morphing and evolving into the human form.  Then the silken vibrations of a chord of the Fates.  A youthful chuckle and a deeply acknowledged and truthful excitement comes from her.

Notic nastic is the voice of wisdom.  The voice of sincerity.  The voice of calm and understanding action.  The voices of Dionysus and Apollo masquerading with Aphrodite.  Instant hypnotism.

“Action is the answer.”

There is no agenda.  There is just us, battling the internal struggle in our journey to Mordor via Candy Mountain.

“Ultimately, we hope more and more of us come to the realization that we don’t have to be victims of our society because it’s something we have created and will continue to create together.”

Anyone is welcome.


After speaking and reflecting, I realized this interview was not just about good music. It’s about a lifestyle.  It’s about choice.  It’s about progress.  If you don’t like to think yet, you may not be ready for this interview and you may not be ready for notic nastic.

“notic nastic is something you kind of have to work to get to know. That might not always be convenient in a world of instant gratification…it might be a complicated joke!”

Their last album, FULLSCREEN boasts proud and pointed lyrics atop an electro-pop-esque dance beat.  Contemporary musicians, like politicians, often take the median stance.  They are just provocative enough to be respected as movers and shakers, but not enough to infuriate anyone.  notic nastic takes a different approach, “It came to a point where we were so pissed off with what was going on in the world and how passively a lot of us were sitting by and supporting things that we would claim to detest if we really saw them.  It drove us mad how much the media had lied to us and everyone around us for our whole lives…there was a boiling point and we exploded.”

This explosion manifested itself in FULLSCREEN.  It attempts to violently attack and bring to the surface issues in our consciousness that we tend to ignore like a canker sore.  With such a an approach, how has the album been interpreted?  To some, their words may come off as rhetoric ramblings and subsequently overlooked.  When pressed about this they responded, “We didn’t sit down and say “hmmm, how shall we encourage the folks to take back the system?!”. If it is looked at as rhetoric ramblings by someone then it isn’t for them, maybe they’ll be ready for it next year!”

Their comment lacks concern for hammering thoughts into the public, but rather their goal to be the spark that ruffles the kindling ablaze.  And now they have moved on, “Today, we are in a different phase, more of a solution phase, but when we wrote fullscreen we were definitely in a pissed off phase.  Ultimately we’re interested in positive energy but first we had to cast off the icky part, maybe to show WHY we wanted to change.”

They say that this next phase in their progression is the most important (see the first phase notic nastic – Atom+Eve post).  Without moving forward and providing ways to change, they say they are only contributing to the problem.   “Someone can complain about something or make fun of it as much as they want to, but if one doesn’t have solutions to inspire change, it just creates a negative downward spiral.   We do want to point things out, but ultimately we want to inspire others to take action and change within themselves.”

Understandably, many may not be ready to evoke change.  Many, like myself, have grown accustomed to the status quo, and have become very talented navigators of it.  notic nastic explains why this happens, “Eventually along the line we become completely detached.  Before we start learning we have no clue, no frame of reference, so I don’t blame anyone, because I was there myself.”

They understand that this is not an easy pill to swallow, or an easy journey to begin.

“I think for people who aren’t quite there yet it might be threatening in a way.  Maybe you feel bad. You’re like this is my life. This is how I live it. I’m fine go-away!  Sometimes I get so tired because you hear over and over that you can’t change, and I think that the world can change.  Maybe those psychotic quirks that we all have might not change, but I think people are capable of changing.  The moment you stop seeing yourself as a victim you really put yourself in a powerful position.”

This does not mean many of us don’t see the horns and red eyes behind those that lurk.  We do.  The first step is being cognizant, mindful and open to change,

“When we are mindful of how our actions influence the world around us, on every level, then we automatically begin to act with more respect and kindness. The thing about respect and kindness is that it’s as contagious as guilt, fear and anger… very very contagious.

Mindfulness can be inspiring: when we’re more aware of things then we have less to fear.  Fear is ultimately based on the unknown, it’s a product of ignorance and it makes us easy to control as opposed to being in control of ourselves.

It’s the key to freedom.”

Released 2 days ago.

Notic Nastic first reminds us there must be a better way, and then follows with the means to change.

“There are small things we can change in our personal lifestyles that can affect our community greatly and that requires that we see past our own little bubbles. In order to actually make a positive impact, it requires that a lot of people change their lifestyles and are conscious of the collective as a whole.  As long as positive change is just an idea from a handful of idealists, then it’s just a glowing, empty notion.”

“It’s important that we evaluate what we support in our own lives.  A lot of us don’t like pollution, war, enslavement or torture (obviously), but we end up supporting those things with our money.  Of course, going to a demonstration is a great way to show your voice, but ‘putting your money where your mouth is’ is the best way to make an impact it in a capitalistic system.  Never support something that would make you sick, sad or angry to see! Support what you believe it.”

This advice seems intuitive.  Support what you believe in?  Why would I do anything else? notic nastic aims to remind us how profound our actions can be.  They do this in a beautifully non-accusatory, non-judgmental way that is inlaid with proposals for solutions.  I asked her where I should begin my search, “Overall, we encourage people to educate themselves about the things they support and to read every side of the issue before deciding.  In the age of information, it’s amazing how much you can learn in under an hour when you set out to do it.”

Pressing further, I asked what she supports.  I wanted to hear from the source how well her advice plays out.  Her charge right now: dealing with food! “Food is one of the few things that we spend our money on every day. Everyone needs it so it’s highly political.  Its production has a huge impact on our planet, people, animals and economy. The livestock industry is amazingly detrimental to our planet and the way that living creatures are treated is beyond comprehension. NN encourages people to learn just enough about this industry to realize that it is something they would never want to support.”

Freeze.  At this point, please think about one thing you have been meaning to learn about and research.  Don’t come back to read the rest of this article if you get inspired.

With their courageous, carefree, positively hopeful and mindful approach, notic nastic tickles synapses rarely stimulated.  They pop-dance along axons sprinkling bits of serotonin inscribed with ideas and Google-searches.  For those that have the receptors, parade!  For those that do not, take a listen, and maybe next year you will have up-regulated.



Notic Nastic Facebook

Notic Nastic SoundCloud

**Special thanks to Lucy and notic nastic’s lead singer for this amazing opportunity.



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