Duck Sauce – Big Bad Wolf (Gesaffelstein Remix) [Preview]

As if the hype for the Kings of Quack and Techno Gangster Gesaffelstein needed to get higher, an official preview of his remix of the next Duck Sauce single Big Bad Wolf has surfaced on the internet. Big Bad Wolf is hit or miss for a lot of people, most sighting the boring production value Duck Sauce put into the original, but now Gesaffelstein comes in to add that dark, deep, and bouncy techno vibe that he’s now widely known for. No release date for this badboy yet but you can bet your bottom dollar we’ll be on this tip and deliver you all the goods once we catch wind. For now, enjoy the 2:35 preview below.

Duck Sauce – Big Bad Wolf (Gesaffelstein Remix) [Preview]


One Response to Duck Sauce – Big Bad Wolf (Gesaffelstein Remix) [Preview]

  1. chase says:

    whennn is he releasing the full version?!

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