DJ Tech Review: Traktor DJ for iPad

DJ Tech Review: Traktor DJ for iPad


Every once in awhile, there comes a piece of technology that completely changes the game. This time, it’s by SL darling Native Instruments. If you know anything about Traktor, the dj software, you’ll know how great it is for EDM djays.
However, Traktor, like Serato requires you to tote a laptop to your gig, to setup in the booth. Most modern booths have little to no room for your hardware/laptop, filling all space with a variety of CD-J’s, mixer, and/or turntables. So what is an enterprising dj to do? Enter Traktor DJ for iPad.

Everything people love about Traktor on the desktop comes to the iPad in glorious, touch-optimized goodness. FX, cue points, flux mode (freeze), beat-gridding, syncing, cross-fading, and even Dropbox library support to connect to Traktor on your laptop and share tracks.

Don’t take my word for it, take Ean Golden and Richie Hawtin’s.

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