Different Sleep – Infinite [EP Review]


Have you heard Different Sleep? If you have not then take a listen. Need a kick in the pants? Flosstradamus just dropped Different Sleep’s beauty “Drive Me Crazy” on BBC Radio1…and Different Sleep hardly produces trap. Here is a young electronic artist willfully bending genres and time signatures, creating wide soundscapes and intimate sit-ins. Producing such polished work makes it very clear that only more amazing things are to come.

Originally from San Diego and now going to school and absorbing the deep electronic roots of Chicago, Different Sleep is in a flux of sorts. “Infinite” is the first full official release from Svengali Label. Svengali is a collective of notable up-and-comers working together out of Chi-town, and they have all been putting out delicious material consistently for a while now. Different Sleep’s bread and butter is creating intricate pallets of percussion and tone that evolve into sonic mandalas. These form a climax, a story, a dream, a different sleep.

He describes his inspiration: “I found the relentless percussion work and raw vocal chops of juke inspiring as a producer and I adapted it to my sound.” With the new album comes new weapons to influence: “I had been listening to newer trance artists like Recycle Culture, Unicorn Kid and some older guys like ATB and 4 Strings. Other influences came from listening to alot of R&B. Taking these different influences, I took the sounds people have grown to expect from Different Sleep and pushed it in a direction.” It is a fascinating mash. Footwork and juke, trance production style and arrangement, modern cut up vocal sampling and ramping all in the mix to create quite a stir.

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The album is available here (name your own price!)


Posted on October 30, 2012 in Bass, Electronic, Free Downloads, Future Garage, Garage, Reviews, Trance

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