DeathStar – Ultraviolet Halo EP

Introducing the future of bass music brought to you by two electronic dub producers named MartyParty and Minnesota. MartyParty brings the deep, bass driven influences from Brooklyn, NY, while Minnesota shows off the unique style of bass music that comes out of Santa Cruz, CA – a place that’s also hatched the iconic fledgling Bassnectar. MartyParty’s “purple” style, which encompasses more of a down tempo/ambient style with melodic beats and filthy drops, combined with Minnesota’s “in your face” deep synth leads and heavy basslines create a unique and beautiful style of bass music. The debut EP, Ultraviolet Halo, can go from a soothing and pleasant melody to a banging heavy bassline bursting with emotion in a matter of nanoseconds, really showcasing the amount of talent that these two producers possess together. The fact that they are giving this one away for free is just icing on this delicious dubstep cake.  You can download the full EP HERE or below for free.


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Posted on July 13, 2011 in Bass, Dubstep

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