Dada Life – Happy Violence (Vodge Diper Remix) + Guerilla Fart #13

Dada Life – Happy Violence (Vodge Diper Remix) + Guerilla Fart #13

Dada Life‘s latest single Happy Violence didn’t stray at all from the tried and true Dada sound. It’s chords are simple, bassline fat, and it definitely kicks a crowd in the ass. Lucky for us, the homie Vodge Diper sent over this happily violent exclusive remix to showcase and we can verify that it’s the tits. Diggin Vodge getting melodic with the bassline in this bad boy, and the drops are dirt nasty – the type where you don’t bother looking around for who you might hit while raging. Dada has been done justice.

Dada Life – Happy Violence (Vodge Diper Remix)

Oh, and for those that didnt know – Dada Life guerrilla farted on David Guetta.
David Guetta – Little Bad Girl (Dada Life Guerrilla Fart 13)


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