Crookers present Dr. Gonzo

Crookers present Dr. Gonzo

*Promo Video: The making of… 

Ladies and Gentlemen, it has been too long since the Italian duo have released their snarky loads for us in.  With their infamous remix of Day n’ Nite, one could reasonably argue THEY officially courted hip/hop and electronic music in an engagement that will surely end in matrimony.  However unholy that matrimony may be for some, the name Crookers resonates with many as the artist that put them on to the wonders of EDM.

Last week, the fanatic team released their long-awaited album Dr. Gonzo for public inhalation order a copy of Crookers “Dr. Gonzo” album or purchase Dr. Gonzo through itunes if you are still in mourning for Mr. Jobs.  You’ll notice the album takes a slight turn from their well-known heavy hitting sound like their remix of Proxy’s “Raven”  to a more complex experimental flavor.  The growth and transformation of great artists’ sounds is one of the greatest joys of this genre.  Gone are the days of ZZ Top beards that only grow longer while swaying to the same blues notes.

Search around and explore their new sounds below, and catch their work with artists like Savage Skulls, Marcus Price, Carli, and Supabeatz off Southern Fried.


Crookers: Dr Gonzo by Southern Fried Records


And of course, a track for you to snag from Sam Tiba courtesy of our friend Giles over at Lost Art, an official release from those over at Southern Fried Records.

Crookers ft. Savage Skulls- Bust ‘Em Up (Sam Tiba Remix)


Crookers – Hummus (Official Video)




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    Good one Jared. Ill see you at the show, its going to be epic!!


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