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To All Early Adopters: Kickstart the YRG Pro

About a year ago we heard wind of a musical instrument that might answer answer some of our production problems (See the Music Production Tool: You Rock Guitar post).  If you’re like myself, boarding the electronic music train was just an extension of a passion for music.  That passion began with my father’s beat up acoustic…

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The Chemical Brothers Score Official Song of 2012 London Olympics

If there’s any indication of how popular The Chemical Brothers have become around the world over the decades they’ve been making music, it might be this latest announcement. The duo’s latest record, Theme for Valedrome, has been chosen as the Official Song of the 2012 London Olympic Games. Yep, one of the pioneers of modern…

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Music Production Tool: You Rock Guitar

Electronic dance music is the new game, the future, with fancy computers, knobs, and beeping programs that only tech-savvy nerd-o-matics desire to master.  You Rock Digital has come out with a new innovative product, the You Rock Guitar (YRG), which allows us former bedroom rockstars to be future headline DJs. “The YRG is a plug…

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Boys Noize & Housemeister Discuss Techno, Acid, More

Eric Prydz – EPIC Live Show

APEXvj | Visualize Tunes Online

At one time or another each of us has lost a few minutes (maybe hours) to the ever transforming world of music visualizers. Personally, I love hooking up my laptop to a soundsystem and a huge TV, combined we’ve got music and some great visuals to tickle brains. There’s just one problem, visualizers only work…

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The History of House Music

Nowadays it seems like everyone is somewhat familiar with the term “House Music”, whether in depth or merely by association. But most people, myself included, don’t know as much as we may think about the international electronic music phenomenon. Whats may seem to be a recent explosion of electronic music over the last few years,…

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All Natural Sounds

We stumbled on the soundclouder Richard Devine a couple months ago and were so intrigued with the work he does that we had to put it up. Richard uses super powerful microphones (and other technology I have zero knowledge of) to record nature in its rawest form. You’ll be surprised at the sounds of nature…

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DJ’ing for Dummies

A while back we featured the beta Soundcloud mixer. The mixer has a few helpful tools such as looping and mix-in timing, but was still pretty simple to use. Well, Youtube took mixing to an ever lower brain level and came out with their own version of song mixing called Youtubedisko. With virtually no tools,…

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Inside A-Trak’s Home Studio

Studio Tour: A-Trak – Scion Music(less) Music Conference from Scion A/V on Vimeo.

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