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jimmy edgar

Gettin’ Logikal: A Conversation with Jimmy Edgar

Too often are true artists overshadowed by pop-culture. Too little are true artists truly admired for the creations. Jimmy Edgar‘s diverse artistic portfolio has been appreciated by a small percentage of listeners of electronic music, however as time goes on his work is being heard and seen by more and more of the general listenership.…

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Gettin’ Logikal w/ Ana Sia, an Interview with Frite Nite’s Queen Bee

If you took a listen to the tracks in Ana Sia‘s DJ crate or any of her sets, you’ll quickly hear a gold mine of the hottest sounds of tomorrow and beyond. As one of the west coast’s most celebrated DJs, this SF/Bay Area-based tastemaker is known for not only energizing the dance floor, but…

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logikast 010 different sleep

SoundLogik Radio: Logikast 010 ft. Different Sleep

We rely on a few core principles as our experience with music evolves, one being the expansion of musical creativity and how this leads to the characterization of forward thinking music. There are endless ways and words we can use to characterize music, but there is one that really hits home as a symbolic umbrella…

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[Interview] Bondax Q&A: Part II

/ / / / Just this past August, SoundLogik had the chance to interview Bondax (via email) just prior to the release of their “Baby I Got That” EP. For many listeners, “Baby I Got That” and “It’s You” were the first tracks that they had heard from the duo. With that said, the EP…

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sau poler remix

Sau Poler: SoundLogik Exclusive Interview & Remix Premiere

Sau Poler first captured our attention with “What Have You Left”, a stunning display of downtempo electronica laced with ethereal vocals and delicate percussion. Sau then followed this premiere with two equally enamouring original releases that built on tempo and varied rhythm; further showcasing the diversity of his sound. We knew at this point that…

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OnTheRadar: Husky [Exclusive Mix + Q&A]

 / / / / There is a quite, but steady crop of  young producers dipping back into Hip-Hop to find new inspiration for an emerging sub-genre of electronic music. Although Hip-Hop has been played with time and time again–most notably in deep house–this new style is over exaggerated and much, much slower. At the forefront of…

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vyranis automation ep

Gettin’ Logikal w/ Vyranis: Q&A + Automaton EP Release

SL writer Vyranis celebrates his first official release. We get the exclusive lowdown on his music preferences and the awesome tracks on his Automation EP


Q&A : Satin Jackets

/ / / / There is something silky smooth running through our eyes and wrapping around our shoulders. We’re talking about Satin Jackets of course. Stretching his reach all the way from La Ruhr, Germany, Satin Jackets’ warm vocal work and lofty disco touch has left quite the impression and has become a frequent name on…

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Q&A : Bondax

/ / / / We recently had the opportunity to pick the brains of our young talented friends from across the pond, Adam and George, to gain some insight into the inner workings of their musical endeavor Bondax. These two teens have fused together their talents to create ambient bass music that is as infectious as…

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Gettin’ Logikal w/ Poupon: Exclusive Interview + EP collab w/ Prince Club

Elite dudes Prince Club and Poupon are amongst the rising crop of young producer/DJs currently making major waves in house music. On their own they are a each unique musical minds, offering a fresh and catchy take on house, but put them together in a studio and their collaborations reach a whole new level of…

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