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Knife Party – Rage Valley EP

Here we have the new EP from Knife Party titled “Rage Valley”. This EP is exactly what you would expect from a Knife Party release, a selection of tracks that are filled with with crazy sounds that make you want to flail your extremities, push people around, bang your head and rip your hair out…

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Digitalism – A New Drug

It’s electronic outfits like Digitalism that give us hope that one day a electronica revival akin to the 2007-2008 outbreak will happen once again. Where we all grunge out, stomp our feet, and headbang with tongues out and hair flying in unison. That’ll be the day. Digitalism’s new record New Drug brings back that feel.…

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Alvin Risk – Infinity EP

Alvin Risk has had quite the meteoric rise. He has been working hard making a name for himself in the remix game for the past 12 months. About 7 months ago, we reported that he had just been signed to Skrillex’s imprint, OWSLA and the rest seems to very much be history. From there he…

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F.O.O.L – Call To Krieg EP

F.O.O.L goes to war with conventional electro with their latest *FREE* EP titled Call To Krieg. Taking an orchestral ensemble and zapping it with their harsh and glitchy electro, F.O.O.L successfully pulls off an apocalyptic wartime score. F.O.O.L seems to be constantly progressing with their production and it’s overall depth, so we’re excited to see…

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F.O.O.L – Nonsense

The titans of thrash aren’t fooling around with their latest production, a drumstep/electro hybrid of sorts that gets in your face and doesn’t let up. The title of F.O.O.L‘s latest track, Nonsense, fits perfectly with what the track achieves – a state of mind blown nonsense. They mentioned that this track came about while trying…

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Facebook | Website Don’t mistake these guys for fools. Coming to us from Sweden, F.O.O.L (FuckOurOrdinaryLives) is made up two dudes who know their way around the production game. They started out making more soft, melodic electro and have since progressed into some of the hardest shit around. Bordering on the the edge of thrash/death…

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