Bromantic Goods from Brodinski

Bromantic Goods from Brodinski

Brodinski has been one of the hardest working men in techno of late. We’ve made sure to cover the first releases off his recently formed Bromance record label, which has featured new originals from Gesaffelstein, Pipes, Gucci Vump, along with himself. Amongst running the label and touring, Brodinski also happens to be one of the hottest remixers in the game, and he’s just been contracted by Marble Records co-head Surkin to put a bromantic twist on Lose Yourself. One of the visionaries of a new brand of techno, Brodinski’s sound is usually jumpy with a darker twist, embodying simple song structure while still maintaining complexity in his sounds. Check out his most remixes below, as well as the bonus logik. All the techno you need for this monday.

Surkin ft. Ann Saunderson – Lose Yourself (Brodinski Remix)

Beni – Last Night (Brodinski Remix)

Bonus Logik

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