Boys Noize – XTC (Needs Remix)

All we need is techno, and Parisian DJ/production duo NEEDS is here to fulfill that desire for deep, pulsating beats. Since receiving a promo from them months ago, NEEDS has really refined their sound, honing in a warehouse techno feel that really bangs. Unofficial remixes of Brodinski, G.Vump, Das Glow have all done their damage on our speakers and we figured it time to pass on the goods to you all, especially as NEEDS has really stepped up their game with their latest remix of Boys Noize‘s XTC. Take a listen below and look out for more slammers from NEEDS in the future.

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Boys Noize – XTC (Needs Remix)

Bonus Logik:

G.Vump – Feeling (Needs Remix)

Brodinski – Let The Beat Control Your Body (Needs Remix)

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