Bondax – It’s You

Bondax – It’s You


At the tender age of 17 and 18, the two UK teens that form Bondax (George Townsend & Adam Kaye) produce music that is far beyond their years and have become one of my go to favorites. Bondax is quickly rising in the Future Garage and Post-Dub scene; making a name for themselves not with head banging club anthems, but rather intricately produced bass driven love songs. There is an uncanny level of maturity to their style and sample choice that just hits the right spot –like scratching that itchy spot that’s so hard to reach or getting that knot worked out of your neck. With huge support from other UK acts like Disclosure and BBC premiers for pretty much all of their upcoming tracks, Bondax is soon to release ‘Baby I Got That‘ and ‘It’s You‘ as the B-side on August 26th. From the ambient chords, vocal cuts and seductive bass, to the track titles and cover arts, the message is clear… it’s you.

****Check out their Soundcloud and listen to everything



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  1. Spooutnik

    You can go there to learn a bit more about Bondax

    • Arif
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      Even though Paul McCartney has enyjoed some success using the pick (AKA plectrum) on bass, I use the index and middle fingers to strike (as well as to pluck and claw) at the strings. This is, beyond the shadow of the doubt, the best way to play through most music categories (i.e., Classic Rock, C&W, Folk, Gospel, etc.).A lesser used method of attack is the slap and pull method. The theory behind this is easy enough to grasp, by developing and putting it in practice is challenging.I would like to add the slap and pull method and expand my horizons as a bassist.I’ve been playing both electric and upright bass for probably enough years that an admission would give my age away. I will say that You have great approach to the electric bass. It’s practical and real.

  2. Yoyoh
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    Finally, a clear shot of the fretboard and finniregg Very nice, thanks Jon!I guess the next improvement I could suggest would be to smooth out the delivery of your presentations a bit, your style can be a little halting at times. (Just trying to be constructive). Another thing that might help but is a little more tricky. If you could occasionally superimpose the note name, or number you are talking about onto the fretboard position .. I know thats a bit more video production, but it would really help improve understanding of the concepts such as I IV V, or scales in general, or in your song/riff lessons.Thanks again and always!

  3. Ronaldo
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    Man, like this one alot. Has a really cool feel ,layed back and melow like you say with some cachty hook line vocals spread out. I’m getting a hidden away incubus vibe from this which i really like (hopefully not an insult to you guys) but really enjoyed it from start to finish.I agree with brad thinking this could be really cool with some added clarity through studio recording (although its sounds quite good) you could emphasize your pensonality through some really polished recording. Really dig this one man.


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